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Terry T-Bone is a steak that just wants the simple life. Unfortunately, being in the woods surrounded by bears is not the place for this. In this game you must scavenge around the map for weapons and power-ups to be able to fight off the attacking bears after your life while at the same time scavenging for car parts to repair the only means of your escape, a run down car desperately in need of repairs. 

Use whatever you can to fight off the enemy. Pick up guns, swords, dead bears, and utilize them to the fullest to your survival. When you get in a tight situation, throw the gun at the bears to knock them back. Even throw their own comrades at them to knock them back!

Side Note: I had made this project last year in high school and I am looking to see what kind of feedback I might get on it / what I can improve on it. Any feedback is welcome, Thanks!

Install instructions

Extract the Zip file then you are ready to play!


FantasticSteakMan.zip 47 MB

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